Digital art

All photos manipulated in Photoshop CS4

Red kites with Kim Klassen’s May magic texture

… and with Serendipity added

Honesty altered with Kim Klassen’s May magic texture

Honesty with two layers of Kim Klassen’s Serendipity texture

Kruger Park elephant. Shadowhouse overlay

Stone flowers. Displacement maps, gradient overlays

Honesty with Kim Klassen texture

Kruger park with Shadowhouse brush mask


4 Responses to Digital art

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maggi, these are amazing, I wish I had Photoshop, what fun I could have and then there is the stuff you are talking about – Kim Klassen Texture – ???????? Just WOW says it all.

  2. clare says:

    Wow Magginthese are amazing…I can’t get the hang of photoshop!!

  3. Mary Anne Komar says:

    Very imaginative editing, beautiful messages coming throughyour photo art! I live in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Found your site via Clasheen. Hope you post more photos and hint hint a tutorial too. Thanks Mary Anne Komar

  4. Val says:

    Cor Maggi! I’ve only just caught up with all these gorgeous ‘edited’ pix – hadn’t realised I could click on Digital art from your main Blog, until now! Got lots of questions I could ask (as always) but won’t ………! Just wonderful and sooooo inspirational – must have a more adventurous play, and see if I can find what it is you’e done – love all the different blackbirds, and the different treatments of the same Magnolia. Is the rabbit real?

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