About me

I have been sewing since I was a child and a love of fabric has stayed with me ever since. I like to experiment and push the boundaries although still re-visit my roots from time to time. I am particularly interested in surface design and have recently started to explore this area more.

6 Responses to About me

  1. Hello Maggie
    Just found your blog after checking links to Quiltessential. You have some very nice work on here. I also like your flower photos. I too am entering a quilt at Uttoxeter Show again this year. I started to make mine this week. Last year I spent all Easter weekend on it and this year will be the same! We are trading at the show with lots of new fabric so hopefully I’ll see you there. Darren
    (from Quiltessential)

  2. maggi21 says:

    Sorry I can’t find a way to reply to you personally but Dale Rollerson at The Thread Studio does online classes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am searching for on line lessons to work on my Janome embellisher, is there such a course?

  4. lottie says:

    Hi there

    I wondered if you would be so kind as to email me- I am on the same course as you, and would like to ask you a question

    Many thanks

  5. Shane says:

    Hello Maggi
    And thank you for visiting my blog.

    Yes – I’m enjoying Carole’s class. As I’m rather new to all this I haven’t got much of a stash yet, but I’ll try and find some interesting bits to embellish the pages!

    Your journal themes sound lovely.


  6. Hi Maggi,
    I enjoy seeing your work. I started out with embroidery but found patchwork and never looked back. Love to see what other people do though
    Besy wishes

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