Snowy Saturday

I’m sitting looking out at a beautiful white countryside, feeling very glad that I don’t have to go out in it. The usual English traffic chaos ensued yesterday of course, although it is much warmer today so I suspect it won’t be hanging around too long. The cat is sensibly staying indoors – not much fun going out in it when it comes up to your armpits!

Several people have asked what  was in the parcel that had the alert notice on it in my last post. Here is the reveal – simply a selection of fabrics from Whaleys. I have them rolled as they are easier for me to store and don’t end up with so many creases when I come to use them.

I am lucky enough to have received some beautiful presents recently, all as a result of meeting people through blogging. The first one is from Jan in America and is one of her lovely Dooleybobbers. The colours are beautiful and there is so much on it that I keep finding something new. I do apologise as this arrived in early January and I completely forgot that I hadn’t posted a photo of it before.

I also received a beautiful workbook from Linda, in Italy, which is all about the fantasy forest that Italian quilters created. I can see that a seed from this may well germinate in England before long. Thank you Linda, it is so lovely.

Last Tuesday I met up with Linda and Julie for a day out and Julie brought with her a gorgeous selection of fabric and fibres, including prefelts, printed and dyed cotton and velvet and some lovely torn strips. I will really enjoy playing with these, thank you so much Julie. Julie has a much more comprehensive description of our day out on her blog.

The next round of the Popular Patchwork postcard swap started at the beginning of this month. We had a choice of themes, one of which was climate change. I had made a postcard for another swap a while ago and liked it enough to make a second so decided to send that one as it fitted the theme perfectly. This went to Jytte who has now received it and likes it.

Having purchased Lynda Monk‘s book Fabulous surfaces recently I couldn’t resist playing with her scrumpling technique using dissolvable vilene although I used mine with fabric rather than paper. Amazing results for such a simple process and no stitching required to reach this stage. This is the initial piece.

And this is after adding a few french knots, spraying with Adirondack colour wash and rubbing Treasure gold over the surface. I love the texture this creates although have no idea how I might use it yet.

Almost too late for my TAST sample this week but I did managed to do the next page in the end. This week was herringbone stitch, another favourite of mine. it was suggested that we combine it with one of the previous stitches so I added some fly stitch as well, and a few beads and sequins for good measure.

This is a little spice bag that I made some time ago and used herringbone stitch in that for the borders.

Finally, if you are still with me, I have started trying out Angie Hughes velvet process from her DVD. Because each step requires drying time, I cut three pieces of cotton velvet and sprayed them with silk paints as the initial background. This morning I oversprayed them with Quink ink and they are now drying again before I can start the discharge process. They look pretty boring at the moment but I hope they will become something much better as time goes on.

I now must go and try to muster up some enthusiasm for my C&G. I am trying to work on the premise that the sooner I get stuck into it the sooner I will get it finished. If anyone has any other magic motivational tips please let me know!

Enjoy your week and stay safe if you have to travel in the snow.


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I create textile art and also dye and print my own fabric.
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18 Responses to Snowy Saturday

  1. Monica says:

    As long as you have heating and enough food, you don’t need to venture out in the snow. You always seem to occupy yourself so well. I particularly like your TAST page and the scrumpled fabric.

  2. Hi Maggie, Love all your art and agree with all the other posts. Me too, what is a dooleybagger? Is it something I need to make? Your embroidery stitching is just so lovely, you really have a wonderful touch for embroidery. I am in Florida for a holiday and I am making art and enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. What do you need to work on in your C&G? Maybe discussing it with an art friend will ge t you motivated. I know it is expensive, is the cost a motivator? Look forward to your reply!

  3. OMG Maggi – I didn’t realise I was lagging so far behind! You’ve posted about so many wonderful pieces in your recent blogs, its hard to know where to start. All your TAST samples are delightful but I especially love the purply/green one with the dandelions. And the scrunkly sample with the treasure gold and french knots above is amazing!! (I want to have a go! 😉 )
    Everything is so inspiring…..

  4. Robinmac says:

    I had worked out the parcel was probably rolls of fabric! Love the dooleybagger, but now you have to post again to tell us what that is – I can’t work that one out. I really like your scrumpled piece. I did mine again with fabric and Dale’s instructions and then realised I had made a mistake when I used the paper – I ironed the vleisofix to the vilene, so of cours it didn’t work nearly as well. the velvet pieces have lots of prospects, and I am quite sure you will eventually get inspired about your C & G. Cheers

  5. nicola says:

    Luckily we have not had any snow at Poldhu. I love your work and the way you create such beauty with textures.

    What is a Dooleybagger?

  6. jan2bratt says:

    Really cool gifts you have received but I agree with most of your commentors, that scrunched fabric is really fantastic what you have done with it. Keep up the interesting work and hope your snow doesn’t get out of hand so you can just sit home and enjoy it.

  7. Frances says:

    Isn’t it nice to be retired and not have to worry about going out in the snow!!!

    I love the textured piece that you have done. Haven’t had a chance to try the technique yet but sure hope mine turns out as nice!!

  8. teodo says:

    I’m without words looking all these fantastic jobs.

    Here is snowing snowing and snowing… in Rome and Naples too where usually there is a warmer winter.
    ciao ciao Linda

  9. Emma says:

    I think your version of procrastination is to make lots of beautiful things – my favorites here are the spice bag (gorgeous, I know you made it a while ago) & the postcard (fabulous use of the stitches) – that are anything NOT to do with your C&G. I understand that blockage when it’s something you HAVE to do. Possibly you might have to use reverse psycology on yourself & say you can’t WAIT to do this bit of your project, but not until you’ve discharged that velvet. Or, no velvet till you’ve done the next stage of your C&Gt….you choose!

  10. Diane-crewe says:

    looks to me as if you have plenty of inspiration from the lovely work completed recently..just need to focus a little ….you CAN do it xx

  11. Julie says:

    Lots of lovliness here Maggi, especially the scrumpling. I shall have to go and get my book out to find out how to do it. The very delicate colours on the velvet look beautiful. It will be interesting to see what happens when you discharge.

  12. CarolQ says:

    coo some lovely eye candy. I just can’t get the scrumpling to work so I’m very envious of your lovely efforts, I obviously need Angie’s DVD and what a beautifully stitched delicate little bag.

  13. connie rose says:

    I love all those goodies, Maggi, especially your scrunchy fabric!

  14. What a lovely show and tell Maggi. Love the scrunched up fabric and the colours that it eventually turned to. I wonder what you will turn it into. Here in Taunton we haven’t got any snow – not even a flake or two. We got rain and it washed off what was on the hills from a week ago. The snow didn’t get to us then either, just a glimpse in the distance.

  15. Cath says:

    A really interesting post Maggi, and you have been very busy. What is a Dooleybagger? As you say, it looks lovely, and seems to have lots of surface decoration to feast the eyes on. I love your spice bag, and also the texture you hace achieved with the scrumpled technique. I must ‘google’ some of those techniques and materials.
    I hope this weather improves soon, we don’t seem to deal with it very well in this country do we? Still, a good excuse to stay in the warm and create eh?

  16. Amanda says:

    Lovely gifts. Looking forward to seeing what happens to the velvet. I have some black cotton velvet somewhere but it sheds tremendously.

  17. clare says:

    Wow what a lovely long post. You keep very busy!

  18. Jane says:

    Oh, that fabric is such an interesting texture, especially with the french knots added

    We were out yesterday afternoon. The bus we came home on, was probably the last through the village, for which we were grateful, even with the scary bits of the journey

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